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 Millett Mediation LAWYER - MEDIATOR
Millett Mediation
John Millett, J.D.
12 Penns Trail, Suite 141
Newtown, PA 18940
Phone: 267-756-7063
Our divorce mediation process is designed to produce a fair, balanced and complete divorce agreement that minimizes emotional and financial impact on the family  especially children. When emotions run high, we know how to maintain level heads and move the conversation forward. With Millett Mediation, you can be assured of an open and honest process, with the ultimate goal being a harmonious resolution. We believe in full transparency, so the initial half-hour consultation is free. We walk you through what the mediation process looks like, explain your rights, address your expectations and provide a fee estimate. This free consultation can be in your own home, online, or neutral ground, including our offices or a third-party location.