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PB Adjusting, LLC.
Jacky Veasley Claims Professional
501 Cambria Avenue
Bensalem, PA 19020
Phone: 215-588-6260
Fax: 215-689-2779
Many people don’t find out the details of their property coverage until it’s too late. The best time to find out if you have adequate coverage is before something happens. Many insurance policies are purchased online or over the phone, with the agent relying on the information you provide. You may not be aware of all the endorsements or special limits that add or take away coverage. More often than not, the right questions don't get asked, and you may be improperly insured. The policy gets put away in a drawer, never to be read or looked at again until something happens. My philosophy is to be proactive, by educating you to make sure you are properly insured. CONTACT ME FOR A COMPLIMENTARY POLICY REVIEW. I DON'T CHARGE A FEE UNLESS I ADJUST A CLAIM FOR YOU AND RECOVER FUNDS. I can guide you through the process, even before you’ve reported your claim. I can also let you know if you’d be better off not filing a claim at all. The insurance company has specially trained adjusters, who work for them. Shouldn’t you have your own adjuster? In order to get paid properly for your damages, you must present your claim properly to the insurance company. There are special duties you must perform after an insurance loss. Failing to do so could result in partial or full denial of claim payment. There are also acceptable and unacceptable methods of documenting your claim. Not only do I advise you throughout the process, we prepare our own estimate to compare with the insurance company’s estimate, and we handle negotiations with them in order to reach a proper settlement. ALREADY REPORTED YOUR OWN CLAIM? How do you know if you’ve received a fair settlement? I CAN RE-EVALUATE THE SETTLEMENT YOU'VE ALREADY RECEIVED. SCHEDULE A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION