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6 Cylinder Success
Frank Mummolo
2118 Sugar Maple Lane
Furlong, PA 18925
Phone: 215.282.5171
Phone: 732.598.2291
MCA Consulting Services, Inc. dba: 6 Cylinder Success® Business Description Founded in 1999, MCA Consulting Services, Inc. is a broad-based business advisory firm specializing in Business Growth, Profitability Improvement, Business Skills Training, Interim Management Staffing, Business Turnaround Services and assistance in matters of Ownership Transition. MCA is also the creator of the 6 Cylinder Success® Business Growth System, a unique methodology that focuses on establishing an optimized Profit Model before investing in lead generation programs to scale up revenue. Unlike many traditional business growth approaches, the 6 Cylinder Success® System typically produces significant bottom line improvements in 30-45 days and – subject to the business meeting a few qualifying conditions - comes with a money-back guarantee. For more information on the 6 Cylinder Success® Business Growth System, please visit:

A GOOD referral: Companies who are "stuck" in growth. Companies who have all the business they can handle but aren't making enough money. Companies wishing to prepare for sale. Companies in distress. Business owners who want to learn the fundamentals of running a business to maximize returns.